Timothy (Tim) Curtis

Annual Meeting CORRECTION

An error has been made and I want to correct this ASAP.   THE ANNUAL MEETING IS SCHEDULED FOR MARCH 28, 2018 COMMENCING AT 7:30 pm IN THE MINI LODGE. Thank you to all of those who emailed me today.  I checked the copy of the ByLaws and Article VI states the Annual Meeting of […]

March 18 – March 24

The Mountain will be open Nights starting Thursday this week.  Please check the Web page for updates daily  to ensure shift coverage.   REMEMBER——-  Annual Meeting is Wednesday March 21, 2018 at 7:30 PM.    Please consider attending the annual meeting.  I would like to have a large turnout for this meeting.  This is where […]

End of season items

The next meeting of the Labrador Mountain Ski Patrol Review Board will be held on March 12, 2018 at 6:30 At Steve rake’s house.  If you plan to attend please Let a Review Board member know so we can plan accordingly. The Kandahar Races will be March 10 & 11.  We are cleared to sell […]

Lab Fest

Lab Fest is scheduled for Saturday Feb.17, 2018.  If it is not your Duty Day, you are expected to come to the event and help out for one hour.  There are many events that need a person to lead and need volunteers to help out.  It is a big day at Lab and the only […]

West Point Cadets

Good Morning, The West Point Cadets will be coming to Lab on the weekend of february 2,3, &4.  The details are still being etched out but here is what I know….. 35 to 39 Cadets Staying at Kids Town, Arriving friday night. Since the notice is very short, We will not be able to provide […]


Tomorrow there is a lot going on at Lab.  College races start at 9 AM  a Patroller needs to be at the top of the course by 8:50.  That way the event can start on time.   Also, there is a great need for help tomorrow.  i have contacted Gary Ward to see if we […]

Senior Ski events

There will be a Senior S & T event tomorrow January 20 at Lab.  There will be 4 TE’s and 3 to 6 candidates.  Please help them in any way.  The morning will be spent developing skiing skills and the afternoon will include sled work.  The group will be in the Mini or will use […]


SUNDAY JANUARY 14, 2018, Lab will be open from 9 to 9.  the 430 to 9 is part of a bonus from the Ski Company.  If any one can come down and help Tom and his crew please let Tom, John Costello or Tim Curtis know.  I will be talking to Gary Ward about this […]

Lab opening

I spoke to Erik today via text; the plan is to be open this weekend, Saturday and Sunday.  Please remember to check the Lab web site for updates.  If you are a Saturday or Sunday B, you will be expected to be there or get a sub.   Please remember to have your Equipment checked […]

End of year reminders

I checked the web page today, the Mountain is making snow as we read……. Please remember to pay your Dues before the end of the year.  If you do not pay by January 2018, you will be assessed a nationals and region fee or lateness.  Also, you will not be able to patrol and your […]

Couple of things

First, I would like to announce that on October 16, 2017 Steve Rake, Treasurer for Labrador Mountain Ski Patrol received a check in the amount of$2970.24 from Mountain Management.  This covers supplies and expenses for the last 2 years. Second, ALL CPR cards were emailed to you this year.  Check your email and there should […]