1 of 81 Woods Valley Instructor Refresher 2016-2017 / Continuing Education

Please see the note below from Tom Hughes.



Good Afternoon All,


I had a few bumps along the way but was able to register two courses and they are:


  1. Instructor Refresher OEC Cycle C             E 31416001
  2. Instructor Continuing Education                E 31416002


I need to get the word out to anyone planning on attending the Woods Valley Instructor Refresher to go to the National Web Site and enroll in both of these classes listed above.  As we only had 31 Instructors at Labrador I have a feeling Woods Valley will be heavily attended.


The CNY Website did not appear to have current information on it so I copied everyone I thought might be able to help in the distribution of this request.  Please feel free to pass this e-mail along to anyone else you feel should be notified.  Thanks.




Thomas L. Hughes

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