2020 LMSP Refresher Info

Hello Patrollers,

I hope you and yours are well and healthy.  This year our Continuing Education requirements have been scaled back by national.   All patrollers, here and nationwide, are only required to take the online refresher Cycle A course to be current for OEC.  I’m attaching Nationals latest update.

   Please follow these steps:

  • 1.  You must register online at “NSP.org” to receive credit on your NSP profile:
  1. Click “course schedule”
  2. Enter“E156200001” in “course number equals”
  3. Click on “OEC Refresher A”
  4. Select the Course; Then “Register myself”
  5. “Proceed to checkout” & “Submit order”
  • There will be a ZERO charge & you are now registered to be recertified once I receive your Online 2020 OEC Refresher A course completion certificate.
  • 2. Please complete the online “2020 OEC Refresher A – Online Module & Workbook Exercises” course.  This module is located in the “online learning” block once you log onto NSP.org and click member resources.
  1. Log into NSP.org & member resources
  2. Select “Online Learning”
  3. Enter the “Online Learning Management System”
  4. Scroll to bottom of page 
  5. Select the Blue “Courses” button
  6. Click “2020 OEC Refresher A – Online Module & Workbook Exercises”
  7. Complete all the modules – generally 1 & ½ hours
  8. Once done your certificate will be displayed & printable by clicking the Blue “Print” button.

IMPORTANT – Refreshing is a 2 step process; First – register for your refreshed status, Second – take the online course and mail me your certificate.  You will not receive credit without completing both steps.                                               

  • I am extending the course closure till 12/1/2020 to help facilitate the paperwork.  Once completed I will need a copy of your certificate.  Please print one and I will have drop off times & locations over the next few months; or you can mail it to me at my address below.  (please do not email, I need paper copies for record keeping)

CPR – from national website:

If you have a two-year CPR certification with a required annual skills demonstration, because of social distancing considerations, the demonstration does not have to be on a person. To access the latest updates and resources on CPR and the Coronavirus form the American Heart Association, click here, and scroll down to see several links. Currently, NSP’s approved CPR providers are the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety and Health Institute, EMS Safety Services, Inc., Emergency Care and Safety Institute, National Safety Council, and Medic First Aid.

Stay well my friends & look forward to seeing you soon!,

Mike Cassidy IOR & OEC Coordinator



4940 Crestwood Lane

Syracuse, New York 13215

June 22: 2020 Refresher Cycle A Update

The NSP National Board of Directors has adopted the following recommendations from the OEC Supervisors Committee and OEC Refresher Committee regarding the OEC 2020 Refresher Cycle A:

In summary, the 2020 OEC Cycle A Refresher minimum requirement will consist of completion of the OEC Refresher Workbook and completion of the OEC 2020 Cycle A Refresher Training online portion only. QA will be completed by the assigned Instructor Trainer (IT) by verification of review of the certificates issued upon successful completion of the online modules. Once the IT has cross checked the course roster with the completion certificates, the course can be closed.  Registration for OEC 2020 Cycle A Refresher will be as it has been for the past years and everyone taking the online module must also register/enroll in the OEC 2020 Cycle A Refresher.

The OEC 2020 Skills performance (hands-on skills) will be integrated into the OEC 2021 Cycle B refresher. However, all OEC technicians are encouraged to continue to review and practice the skills outlined in the OEC 2020 Refresher workbook during the season or prior to the season as allowed. Completing any additional training is not part of the Cycle A refresher.

The online portion, which typically only covers knowledge-based objectives from the OEC 6th edition, will be adjusted to include review of the specific OEC6 skills that are identified in the Refresher workbook as being new, modified, or updated. The module will also include questions based on the OEC refresher workbook.

For the Instructor of Record and Instructor Trainers the certificate of completion provided at the end of the online course will provide evidence of completion of both the workbook and online portion of the training and will meet the requirements of the OEC Cycle A refresher for 2020.  This certificate will be reviewed by the Instructor Trainer prior to closing the class and signing off on the roster as stated previously.

The National OEC Committee strongly recommends that patrols do not try and complete face to face refreshers during the upcoming refresher cycle.

As for those who do not have internet or have limited service, you will need to go to an area where internet is available in order to register for the course and take the online portion through the Online Learning portal. IOR’s are asked to be creative in order to accommodate these patrollers. As stated above, this is the minimum training required, and everyone that completes this portion will receive credit for completing the 2020 Cycle A refresher. If a patrol decides to complete the hands-on skills, all patrollers will still need to complete the online module and workbook requirements to be credited for the OEC Cycle A Refresher. These patrollers will also need to complete the skills portion of next year’s refresher, which will include skills from 2020 Refresher A.

The OEC Refresher Committee is working to finalize the online piece and the updated material that needs to be added and will have the program up, tested, and hopefully running as soon as possible but not later than early July.

If you have questions please contact your OEC Division Supervisor.

Thank you for your cooperation and effort in meeting these requirements.                                                 Bill DeVarney                                                            Deb Endly                                                          OEC National Program Director                               OEC Refresher Committee Chair