Backboards & EMTs, Paid Patrol, Radios, Ski Clinic

Lab Patrollers,

I had a talk with Gary Ward (paid patrol director) this weekend, most of his patrollers are EMTs, and EMTs are being trained differently than NSP when it comes to using backboards. There are incidents where we (NSP) would use a backboard and EMTs would not. To avoid any conflicts when working with the paid patrol, whoever is first-on on an incident will make the call whether to backboard or not.

Also, if we do backboard an IP on the hill, its likely that the ambulance crew will remove them from the backboard before transporting.

COHs, please call the paid patrol when you are ready to get on the hill and let them know you are here. All patrollers, if you get on the hill before your COH, let the paid patrol know you are here.

The radios/repeater seem to have a longer lag time this season. I’d recommend waiting at least 5 seconds after pressing the “talk” button to begin speaking.

There will be a ski clinic at Greek Peak this Saturday:

“Thank you to the Song Mountain Patrol for hosting a very productive Ski & toboggan clinic today.  We had a very productive day and look forward to the next Seminar this Saturday January 23rd at Greek Peak.  Again, these are open to all patrollers with a concentration of varied terrain which could include moguls, corduroy and tree skiing, if Mother Nature cooperates.  We plan to work on edging, turn shapes, sideslip, and toboggan handling.

Please promote this event and ask your patrollers to confirm their attendance with me by sending me an email. Thank you! Bill Perkins”



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