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Hello everyone,


We here in the CNY region of NSP, are not under the EMS system in Central NY or Midstate NY regions.


The attached are the new written backboard, spine and bleeding protocols for Central EMS providers. Midstate EMS might have something similar.


In my teaching, travels, visits, and IT activities this fall, I overheard correct explanations, and incorrect explanations of ‘new backboard’ procedures.


Frequently, it was just that they knew new protocols were out there and…….. when were we, at patrol, going to publish or adopt ours??


We have NOT written or adopted any new protocols for backboard usage, and I would explain in each situation our activities will remain as they have been by using the collar, backboard and spider straps (or other tie down devices) as we always have in the past.

We are NOT going to write a protocol for this, and we are not going to adopt local ‘on your hill’, separate protocols.


If once in the patrol room, EMS on the scene (the higher level of authority) wants to remove our good work, then they should do it, not our patrollers.

And once done, the patrollers should know and realize they did it the way they should have, and EMS made the change decision on the scene.

In other words, don’t be offended when EMS takes apart your good work!


I could be very necessary to reinforce this to all of your patrollers……….and, I think they should also see the EMS protocols……….Just so they know what EMS might do when they arrive at your patrol room.  This could prove to be quite confusing.  Our uniform message to all should be simple…..we proceed as we always have, and allow EMS to take things off not us.  Unlike EMS, we have tough terrain, slippery winter clothing, extreme temps, impossible locations, night time conditions, and should continue using the backboard as our tool to transport, safely, our IP off the mtn.


Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!



Yours truly,


Doug Adams

Assistant RD CNY





Yours truly,


Doug Adams

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