Couple of things

First, I would like to announce that on October 16, 2017 Steve Rake, Treasurer for Labrador Mountain Ski Patrol received a check in the amount of$2970.24 from Mountain Management.  This covers supplies and expenses for the last 2 years.

Second, ALL CPR cards were emailed to you this year.  Check your email and there should be step by step methods in how to print or save the card.  Remember, you must have a valid CPR card to patrol and it must be renewed every year.

Lastly, Voting has begun.  Please take the time to vote.  It is easy, take about 1 minute to go through.  The candidates being supported by the region are  Chris Pringle, Rick Knight, Wendy Aarnio, Ken Kramer, Morgan Armstrong.  Also, A local Favorite, Happy from Song Mountain is in the running this year.

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