December BOD Update

Hi everyone,

What a fantastic first day on the slopes today at Lab Mountain! Snow was great! Thank you to all who attended the radio training and/or served on the hill today.

For your next shift (tomorrow we are open from 10-4:30), you will see that:

  • New trauma bags at the Triple Shack and in the South Aid Room
  • Three chair evacuation bags+chairs have been put in the Triple Shack
  • Only Triple is open and we have Jacopie and lower muzzle open – COH should check with office to find out which trails open each day. Then complete a trail report after skiing those trails. Trail reports must be handed in to the office.
  • New Accident reports – they come with duplicates. Press hard when writing. Submit to COH at the end of shift, they will review and add to the accident reports basket.
  • New radios:
    • Check with your COH for training and if you are on a shift where nobody was at the training please let me know and we will assist.
    • There is delay so press the talk button, wait 2 seconds then talk. On the receiving end you will hear a delay as well.
    • When checking in, please do a radio check and ensure you get an answer to check if the radio is working
    • All radios are on the LabSkiPatrol network and should remain there.
    • All radios are turned off at night and turned on before you do your radio check – hold the red phone button and follow the prompts to turn off or on.
    • Do not press the orange side button – this is SOS – we are working on disabling that. If it does happen, turn the phone off and on again. If you hear that SOS going off you will need to clear it on your phone to turn the sound off. We are hoping by tomorrow we will not hear the SOS anymore.
    • Keep radio in pocket and mic on the outside of your jacket.

For next week the mountain will not be open on Monday or Tuesday – no news yet on the rest of the week. This is the time we will keep checking the website. If I do hear specific news I will let you know.

Dues are due this December! Visit

December BOD Minutes – Please read these as there is a lot of useful info!

First Day at Lab Mountain! 12/17/22

Keep thinking snow 🙂

Thank you,



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