Important Dates, Schedule Requests

Lab Patrollers,

Some important dates:

OEC Instructor refresher:
Saturday, August 15th,  at Woods Valley

Lab OEC refresher:
Saturday, October 3rd, times tba

Other CNY refreshers:
o Greek Peak – October 17
o McCauley – October 10
o Snow Ridge – October 10
o Toggenburg – October 25
o Song – September 26
o Dry Hill – October 3
o Woods Valley – September 12

Check the website for times and contact info

Clean up day at Lab: tba

Chair evac: tba

CPR refresher: tba


Schedule requests:

If you want to keep your same schedule as last year, you don’t have to do anything. If you want to change your schedule, send requests to Leanne Waterman by the end of August
( Currently Thursday and Friday night shifts are full, unless someone moves off.

Schedule choices are:

a. one weeknight (mon. – thurs) early shift (3:30 – 7:30, or 4:00 – 8:00) or regular shift (6:30-sweep) every week and one weekend shift every other weekend.
saturday day A or B (8:30 – 3:30) or sunday A or B (8:30-sweep) (thursdays are full)

b. every friday night (5:30-sweep) (fridays are full)

c. every other saturday night A or B shift (2:30 – sweep)

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