Important Message from LMSP Patrol Director


 I want to invite everyone to our Cleanup Day Saturday, November 9 2019.

I spoke with Sheila Larkin Labrador’ s Operation Manager and Keith Wilson, they will let me know about chair evacuation. Please plan to participate in the chair evacuation, as  I have a feeling we will have short notice.  

 Here is a list of the minimum of volunteers we need for a few of the major tasks:

  • Inventory the first aid and trauma bags: 5 people
  • Clean the patrol room: 6 people
  • Clean the paid first aid room: 4 people
  • Clean the top of triple: 5 people
  • Clean the top of Badger: 4 people

 Paid patrol and covering weekdays:

 I spoke to Sheila at the ski sale. I explained the Labrador Ski Patrol currently has no significant ability to volunteer and cover weekdays.  We did talk about how the National Ski Patrol (LMSP) can help her with training and recruitment for specific coverage in the future. Furthermore, I explained the majority of the LMSP membership have families and 40+ hour a week jobs. We volunteer because we want to lend our skills and knowledge to the skiing public all while helping people, and having a good time in the process.

Recruitment efforts:

Eleven humans signed up stating they are interested in joining Labrador Ski patrol. There were twenty-six in total, for the region.  Hopefully some join Labrador.


 John Costello

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