Instructions for 2022 OEC Online Refresher

Hope all are having a great CNY summer. Hang in there folks, Winter is only 118 days away!

The 2022 OEC Refresher is again a “hybrid” course involving: 1) an online course, and 2) and in-person skills session. The in-person refresher for our patrol will be held on Saturday, October 22. More on that to come in the near future.

First, you must complete the online portion of the course before registering for the October 22 in-person Skills Refresher at LAB. To register for the online course:

1) Log onto and click on the Center for Learning button (not the Course Schedule)

2) On the right side of the page in the “Search Catalog” box (NOT the yellow “Browse Catalog” button), type in: “2022 OEC Refresher Cycle C”.

3) Top search result should be: 2022 OEC Refresher Cycle C Online Modules

4) Click on ENROLL

5) Follow the instructions for your browser so it works with NSP’s Learning System. If you have questions, please email me at, or give me a call/send text to: 315-317-4346. Note: I will be off the grid from August 29 – Sept 3.

A few very important notes:
• There are 14 online modules. They contain a lot of information and may require 4+ hours to complete. Start the online course ASAP! Please plan to have it completed no later than Thursday, OCTOBER 20.
• The online learning system is new. It has awesome potential for the future. Right now, there are some bugs that need to be worked out.
• In a few instances, the correct answer is not accepted/recognized. Input the correct answer twice and it will let you move on ; )
• Upon completion, there is a survey. Want a better online learning experience next year? Please let NSP know how they can improve the online course and learning system.
• Upon completion of the online course, you will receive a certificate. No need to bring a printed certificate to the in-person refresher.
• You cannot register for the in-person portion of the course until you complete the 14 online modules. Nor can you register on October 22 for the in-person portion of the refresher to be held that day. Pro Tip: complete the online course no later than Thursday, OCTOBER 20.
• You will receive more information from LMSP shortly about registering for the in-person SKILLS portion of the course. No need to register for the in-person course until then.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at either, or by calling/texting 315-317-4346. In the near future, you will receive info about registering for the in-person portion of the refresher, as well as CPR re-certification.

Mike, Phil, and I thank you for getting a jump on the online course work. We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, October 22, for the 2022 in-person OEC Skills Refresher.


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