Instructor Development Course 8/22

Lab Patrollers,


see the message below from John Tuttle. Instructor development is required if you wish to become an oec or s&t instructor.



Greetings… Beau Blair will be running an Instructor Development Course on Saturday August 22 with registration beginning at 8:30 and the course instruction will begin promptly at 9am at the 2nd floor conference room in my office building(address below). This course is required to begin the instructor process. The online course is not available for the rest of 2015 as it is being moved to another platform.


Please share this information with your patrol and urge any potential instructors to attend so that they may begin OEC mentoring at your refresher or if another discipline, be ready to be mentored when the snow flies. Please have interested instructor candidates and any potential Instructor development instructor candidates contact Beau Blair as there is material that must be read ahead of time.


Any questions, please contact Beau.






John S. Tuttle, CLU, ChFC
Wealth Management Advisor
5015 Campuswood Dr Ste 204 E. Syracuse, NY 13057
(P) 315-299-4774  (F) 315-463-0912

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