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Annie Smith

4:18 PM (16 hours ago)

Per Beau Blair to Doug Adams:
I have registered an Instructor Development Hybrid Course on the NSP Website.  The online portion will run from July 1st. to September 30, 2017.  Assisting Instructors will be Steve Taffet, and Mark Procopio (who will also be the IT for the course).  1 or 2 mandatory “Face to Face” sessions will be held (candidates need attend only one) depending on the number of enrolled candidates.  Where the “Face to Face” session(s) will take place is yet TBD.  Anyone who wishes to become a NSP Instructor for any NSP discipline may take this course.   However, BEFORE taking the On-line portion, they MUST sign up for course number E610170002.   After signing up for the course they MUST send me an email at with their Full Name, Patrol Name, NSP number, and contact (cell phone & email) information. Please send this out to all Patrol Directors in the Region, for distribution to their Patrols.. If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know (email preferred). Thanks, Beau BlairBeau@syrfirecu.net315-692-4344 (h)315-416-3867 (c)

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