Lab Clean Up Day – 11/10/19 @ 9:00 AM

Lab Clean up day is being held on November 10, 2018  Start time is 9 am. This is a mandatory event ALL PATROLLERS SHOULD PLAN ON ATTENDING.   Activities to be included on this day are:

  1. Radios – Due to a frequency change, all radios need to be set to a new NSP approved frequency.  Pat Cuzzola will be on had to set the frequency on any radio.  IF you have a personal radio AND you want set to the NSP frequency YOU NEED TO PROVIDE YOUR NAME MAKE OF THE RADIO AND MODEL OF THE RADIO TO ME BY WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24 BY 8 PM.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  TO SET YOUR RADIO BRING THE RADIO AND $20.00 FOR PAT.  Pat will start setting radios at 10 AM.  He will also give us an overview of how to operate our radios more efficiently.
  2. Chair evac.  This is required by the mountain insurance.  Everyone does not  have to be unloaded from a chair, however, everyone must see how it is done.
  3. Review Board Meeting
  4. Vote to change bylaws
  5. Cleaning of patrol room, stocking of bags, prepping sleds for the season
  6. Picnic sponsored by Lab NSP.

Thank you,

Tim Curtis, Patrol Director

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