Lab Fest

Lab Fest is scheduled for Saturday Feb.17, 2018.  If it is not your Duty Day, you are expected to come to the event and help out for one hour.  There are many events that need a person to lead and need volunteers to help out.  It is a big day at Lab and the only fund raiser for the LMSP.  A couple of things….

  1. Sled Rides—No one has signed up for this.  We dp generate a lot of questions from children looking for a ride
  2. Gaper Day—We need Judges!!!
  3. Tickets—Remember to sell your tickets.  You are responsible for them.


Please remember to check the bags on the top of the hill on Sundays.  That means opening the Bags and making sure everything from the checklist is inside.

Please make sure all sleds have a backboard on them.  It has been brought to the boards attention that the sleds sometimes do not have them.

Batteries have been ordered for the radios, hopefully we can get them in use for Saturday.

The next Ski Company night is Sunday Feb. 18.  This means that Lab is open until 9 PM.  Please contact the Ski Company night guru Todd Harrington if you can help him and his crew out.  If you are on that day, and want to stagger your start times please do.  I will contact Gary Ward and see if he can get a couple of the Paid Patrollers to help out.


Bring the Family to Lab on Saturday for Lab Fest Heidi and her committee have been working hard to put on a great event.  Please come and support them.

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