Lab opening

Lab is open Tomorrow 12/15/18  That means Saturday A and Sunday A are up and running.   I will check to see what the schedule is going to be for the rest of the week.


Please remember to stop at the ticket window and get you employee pass ASAP.  Also, Please remember to have your equipment safety checked before your first shift.


Radios—-  Here we go, the new channel has been approved just in time for the ski season to begin.  Pat has been contacted and Hopefully he gets everything switched over tomorrow.  We will speak to him about replacing obsolete or broken radios.  We are also looking into getting spare batteries for the HYT radios we currently use.


Saturday and Sunday, the Region S&T will hold the annual education classes at Lab.  There will be 12 people on Saturday and up to 30 on Sunday.  Please welcome Bill and His crew.  Please assist them as much as possible.  Also, Lab is the only CNY area that is not represented in the S&T TE program.  IF you are interested in this, Please contact Bill and fill out the froms.  This would be a great experience for the LMSP and the region.


Merry Christmas!!

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