LabFest – February 17, 2018

Fellow Patrollers:

LabFest, our one and only fund raising activity, is just around the corner.  We need your help to continue the tradition of excellence that we strive for as an organization. The attached letter is for each of you to use and leave behind when asking retailers, restaurants, dry cleaners, car dealers, hair dresser, tattoo artist, and so on for a donation- in the form of merchandise or cash. Let us know if the provider needs or would like to see our tax exempt certificate.  We can get them a copy.  Their donation may be tax deductible (they should check with their tax adviser).  Merchandise can be used in gift baskets or as a prize for a drawing.

We will also be needing help the day of the event- Saturday, February 17th.  It really is a lot of fun.  Sign up for one of the ‘events’ that day, bring your family and friends and help us raise funds for things like new sleds (at $1500 a copy when equipped) or maintenance of our patrol room and top-o-hill buildings..  And please pick up your raffle tickets to sell.  It really isn’t a big deal to sell them.  Try it.  It doesn’t hurt.

Thank you.

LMSP #LabFest Committee