LABFEST will be held on February 11, 2017.  Here are the events and Chair Person…..

Baskets/ Main Lodge table……..Elaine & Steve B.

Hot Dog Sales………………….Joe F., Dave H., Jack Townsend (at the top and at the mini lodge)

Kids Town……………………..Tom Rogers

Sled Rides……………………Open

If I left anyone out or you do not want to head up these events please let the committee know asap.

There will be sign up sheets posted in the Patrol Room this week.  Please remember, If this in NOT your duty day, you are expected to participate in one or more event.  Each Night and Weekend shift Please contribute a basket for display and raffle. Please place the basket in the patrol room no later than 2/4/17.   If you have any door prizes you wish to contribute, please bring them to the event.  If you had a prize and it did not end up on the raffle ticket, please let the committee know so we can put that up as a special raffle prize.  Oh, right, the committee consists of the review board.

Raffle tickets are in the patrol room. Please pick them up and sell them.  If you do not sell them please consider making a donation in the place of what you were expected to sell.

We are open to suggestions for more opportunities to make this a great day.  I am looking into further hot dog sales at the top of the triple on other days.  Also I will be contacting the office to see if there is a special meal we can help with.

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