March 6 Minutes Revised 1

Labrador Mountain Ski Patrol

A National Ski Patrol Affiliate

Review Board Agenda

Friday March 6, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Patrol Room, Labrador Mtn


Call to order Patrol Director – B. Gerbin

Roll Call/Attendance Secretary – L. Waterman for M. Spooner

  • Present: R. Gerbin, S. Taffet, W. Levine, J. Mc Neil, A. Chan, C. Mancuso, L. Waterman
  • Absent: T. Curtis (excused), M. Spooner (excused)
  • Guests:

Approval of Minutes Secretary –  L. Waterman for M. Spooner

  • approved minutes Jan. 12, 2015

Treasurer’s Report Treasurer – T. Curtis

  • tabled

Labrador Mountain Management Report –  E. Wilson

  • tabled

NSP Reports Patrol Director – B. Gerbin

  • National News/Issues – no news
  • Eastern Division News/Issues – no news
  • CNY Regional News/Issues – D. Adams will represent at LMSP Annual meeting

Officer’s Reports

  • OEC: S. Taffet, OEC Officer – Thanks to Tom, Elaine, Scott, Leanne, Kate, Martin for putting in so much time to train candidates. Next year consider running our own OEC course; Tim Curtis has volunteered to coordinate. If this occurs, have final practical in January and on-hill training to follow that year. Also consider reaching out to Bob Sloan at Song to coordinate a dual mountain effort.
  • S & T J. McNeil, S & T Officer – 3 candidates passed S & T including Mike Cassidy, Jim Hartwell, Tim Oot; Tim Curtis and Mike Rogers passed as S&T Instructors.
  • Supplies and Equipment Alvin Chan, Supply Officer – Last order came in and checked out; some supplies remaining to be checked on; voted ok to purchase KED at $150; an oximeter has been donated by Welch Allyn to be stocked in paid room. Alvin is resigning as of next year and Kate Reed will take over. Colleen brought disinfectant “Fresh Breeze TB” for disinfecting both patrol rooms, along with MSDS.
  • Personnel: L. Waterman, APD – Greg Ryder went through our new spreadsheet and reconciled the hours through Feb 2015. Steve Bognacki, Mike Cassidy, Tim Oot, and Hilaireen Hall were approved as full patrollers
  • Members-At-Large W. LaVine & C. Mancuso, Members-At-Large – There was a communication issue regarding the change in the meeting date. Scott Launt and Colleen Mancuso have graciously agreed to be on the committee for annual banquet and picnic. There is a need for lockers for new patrollers; memo will be sent to members. Proposed By-law changes approved for vote at Annual meeting.

Next Meeting – TBA

Adjournment – B. Gerbin

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One thought on “March 6 Minutes Revised

  • Leanne Waterman Post author

    My apologies to Tim Oot, who was inadvertently left out of the list of those approved as Full Patrollers in the first publication. – LW