Narcan information

Here is our current policy for Narcan use as proposed by our physician advisors:

LAB Ski Patrol Naloxone HCL Narcan policy

Background / Purpose:  Narcan (naloxone) is an intranasal medication that can immediately reverse acute opioid overdose. It is often readily available to first responders through state and county programs. In an acute life threatening apnea or hypoxia from suspected opioid overdose- narcan use can restore normal respirations.  

View Enclosure 1–  New York State Basic Life Support Narcan training

Training Video to watch:


  1. All Lab NSP providers will be familiarized with the indications and usage of Narcan (enclosure 1).
  2. If opioid overdose is suspected- Narcan MAY be available (through NYS and county programs). It will be kept with the AEDs and should be called for immediately after airway management and rescue breathing as per BLS has been initiated.
  3. If Narcan is NOT available- BLS rescue breathing should be continued with immediate evacuation to EMS

Our jobs as ski patrollers:

  1. Read the policy
  2. Watch the video
  3. Participate in a discussion with COH/ OEC instructor on shift to get checked off!
  4. Currently Narcan can be located in South Aid room and trauma bags.

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