NSP National Board Elections

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Below is a ranking of the candidates for NSP National Board, by the Eastern Division


National Board Rep Elections – Starts October 15th.  


Each year, you have an opportunity to vote for NSP National Board Representatives.  This year, 12 candidates are running for 4 open positions. The NSP Board of Directors has supervisory control over the direction, affairs, administration, committees, programs and publications of the NSP. It determines the Board’s policies and procedures, and is the ultimate decision making authority over all matters and interpretation of the bylaws. They also establish the NSP’s financial policies and dues.

You can read the platforms and biographies of each candidate on the NSP website. Click Member Services to sign in, enter your 6 digit patroller number and password. Once you are signed in, scroll down to Elections and click to see the platforms of all the candidates.

It’s important that every patroller participate in this election each year. Good participation means a better chance of having good people governing the National Ski Patrol.

You are encouraged to read the platforms and biographies of the candidates on the NSP site. Many patrollers ask for guidance when reviewing the field of candidates. While the Eastern Division Board of Directors cannot tell you who to vote for, the Division election committee surveyed the 15 Region Directors asking them to rank the individual candidates. After reviewing the platforms and applications of the candidates the Division election committee released the ranked list shown below.

Be an educated voter and a responsible patroller. You will receive an email ballot on October 15th. You have until December 1st to complete it. Don’t wait until the last minute. Complete your ballot and return it as soon as you receive it. Let’s improve our participation this year. We encourage everyone to vote.

Eastern Division  National Board Of Director Candidate Ranking

1. Ed McNamara
2. Wendy Aarnio
3. Richard Boyer
4. Dave Ulrich
5. John (Ty) Damon II
6. Ken Kempner
7. Brian Rull
8. Edward Manco
9. Brian Ulrich
10. Mike Huber
11. Jim Woodrum
12. Gary Deaver


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