Online Portion of Labs. 10/13 Hybrid refresher

Hi Guys,

It took longer than expected, but national has now listed the online hybrid Refresher B onto the their education page.

This in from Marsha Powell:

Tom Hughes heard back from national and was told the course was not listed until last Friday.  Here are the instructions from them:

After signing in, select Member Resources.  Then click on the image that says Online Courses.  Then click on the intermediary page that says Click Here To Enter The Online Learning Management System.  Then you will be in the learning management system.  In the Navigational Bar at the top of the page.  The refresher B should be the first course listed on the top row {left side}. 

All patrollers attending Labrador’s refresher on 10/13 needs to complete this step.

let me know if you hit any further roadblocks,

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