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Hello to all:

1.     We are letting you know about the upcoming Advanced Patroller School.  This year the clinic is at Blue Mountain in Palmerton, Pennsylvania, northwest of Allentown.  The clinic is Friday September 21st-Sunday September 23rd.  In the three days we cover most of the areas that we as patrollers will come in contact with in the course of doing our jobs such as First Aid, low angle rope rescue, high angle rope rescue, management discussions, risk management discussions, avalanche beacon work, extrication, just about everything except S&T.  We strive to have this clinic be fun, informative, very hands on, and very low pressure. You will see folks there from all over the Eastern Division.  If you are a basic patroller, then this clinic is for you.  If you are going for Senior, then this clinic is for you.  If you are looking to become a Senior T/E, then this clinic is for you.  If you have aspirations beyond those categories, then this clinic is for you.  At this clinic, we are all patrollers, nothing more.  So as patrollers we are there to learn new techniques, see and play with different equipment, and have input on various different discussions along the way.  We will learn from each other.  You will all come away from the weekend having learned something, that you can bring back to your home area and help improve the patrol.

The itinerary is still in development, and we try to have some unique situations that will challenge you, yet have you walk away saying “I did that!”, and “I learned something”, and most importantly, “I had fun”.  We will be camping at the ski area, and have access to shower facilities right in the patrol room.  We go out of our way to feed you, and feed you well.  If you go home hungry on Sunday, it’s your own fault.  So what are you going to see over the course of the weekend:

  • how other patrols handle different types of first aid problems, along with different types of equipment, and techniques
  • you will play with some challenging first aid problems, which will be fully moulaged, so you can expect to see blood
  • you will see different chair evac equipment, some of which you may have never seen before
  • you will meet patrollers from around the Division, and learn how they deal with different situations at their mountains
  • you will practice with avy beacons
  • you will get dirty, as we go out and work on the mountain for the different stations
  • you will have great food, and experience some of the culinary talents of other patrollers from around the Division
  • you will get hands on rope work for low angle rope rescue, high angle rope rescue, and chair evac
  • There is no test here, we are all at this clinic to learn, so go with the spirit of the weekend.  Come with an open mind, and a willingness to try some new things.

What to bring:

  • a positive attitude and a willingness to learn
  • a tent or camper
  • normal camping gear, sleeping bags, and pads, bug spray, flashlights/head lamps etc.
  • weather appropriate clothes
  • good sturdy hiking boots
  • a notebook
  • snacks or munchies
  • your own beverages (adult and otherwise), food is included in the event for the whole weekend, breakfast, lunch, and dinner

I have included the registration form.  Jeff Baker is coordinating the event and handling the administrative side of things.  His contact information is also included, should you have any additional questions.  This course does count as a Senior elective if you are cycling through the Senior program.  This will be a fun event.  I hope many of you will join us for the weekend.

Tom Wallin

Swain Ski Patrol


  1. Per RD Adams

Hello everyone in CNY NSP,

As our hot summer winds down, thoughts are changing towards our upcoming ski season.

One of your fellow patrol members,who is a personal trainer by day and changes in a phone booth at night into a ‘super patroller’, has graciously offered to prepare a workout routine geared for you the skier! It is attached for your use.

As we do not promote individual’s businesses, charities, or fund raising we have left super patoller’s name off…. but, some of you will figure out who the author is, and when you do, please thank him. (0pps! A hint!)

If you would desire a routine specifically tailored just for you, please contact Annie (Region secretary) and she will guide to the true identity of ‘super patroller’.
Any arrangements you make for specific routines will be at your own imitative and expense.
Make it a great season, and stay prepared for lots of snow to come.

  1. per Jeff Sargent/Highland

Registrants can sign up for the classes on the NSP website.


Instructor Skills Review Con Ed: https://www.nsp.org/Event.aspx?EventKey=E009180006

Avalanche Instructor Con Ed: https://www.nsp.org/Event.aspx?EventKey=E009180005
MTR Instructor Con Ed: https://www.nsp.org/Event.aspx?EventKey=E009180007
Nordic Instructor Con Ed: https://www.nsp.org/Event.aspx?EventKey=E009180008


MTR-E Skills: https://www.nsp.org/Event.aspx?EventKey=E353180004

Nordic Skills: https://www.nsp.org/Event.aspx?EventKey=E048180002

Sunday MTR-E Navigation skills : https://www.nsp.org/Event.aspx?EventKey=E353180005


See you on the hill.



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