Radio up date

the radios have been updated to the new channels.  every radio in the patrol room is changed to the new frequency.  if you have a personal radio, it will not work on the new frequency.  The repeater at the top is gone as well as the base radio in the LMSP mini lodge.  The base radio would not program.  Pat took it back to his office to complete the process. Also, the repeater is supposed to have routine maintenance done yearly.  That has not been done.  When Pat found it it was full of mouse droppings and liquids.  He has taken the repeater with him to see if he can clean it up:  if he can not do that he will bring a loaner to us Tomorrow.  The spare batteries are next to the chargers.  As of 10:30 last night, when I left, all were fully charged.  Please swap them out as needed and replace the used one in the cradle to charge.  We seem to be missing a few radios.  that is not good.  If you have one it will not be programed and we will need to get that to  Pat to update.  If you find one, PLEASE lable it as not being programed.  this will allow us to identify what needs to be done.


There is a race today.  Keith asks that a LMSP patroller be at the top of the course at 8 today and tomorrow.



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