Review board meeting

The next meeting of the LMSP Review board will be Saturday January19,2019 in the minilodge  begining at 9 AM.


The radios have been updated.  Also many have expressed a concern about the repeater.  The Repeater has been replaced due to a mouse infestation.  I have the pictures.  It seems these little creatures can ruin anything.  I am surprised they did not start a fire.  Pat, the person who has updated our frequency and changed the repeater is looking for feedback as to the out put and receiving as well as coverage with the radios.  I need to know to convey to him our concerns.  this is a work in progress.  Please tell me if they are working good, bad or great or if you are finding blind spots and if everything is not working.  I am also interested in the weather conditions since I am learning that this has a lot to do with transmission.  If you are getting a weak signal and you do not have the antenna to the radio out in the open, this may be the reason why.  Remember the antenna helps in transmission.

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