Part of being a ski patroller is the annual checkout or refresher for S&T or OET.  It is the responsibility of the individual patroller to complete this phase of the yearly refresher.  This refresher includes driving a sled or running the tail rope.  Jack McNeil has posted a class at the NSP website.  Please sign up for it by March 7 or you will not be registered.  Also, if this refresher is not completed, you may loose your benefits.  Of the 71 active members, 31 have registered.  Of those registered, 20 have completed the course.  The season is on the downside, please see an  S&T instructor to complete.  Here is the latest post:

Please go to NSP.ORG and register for course number E295170001. This can be found in the member services area. Select course schedule and enter the course number. Hit the plus sigh (+) which appears to the right of the dialogue box. The proceed to checkout (no charge) If you are one it the 9 people who have registered thank you. You cannot receive credit for the course without registering. Any questions, feel free to email me at Jack_McNeil@hotmail.com.


Here is a list of instructors:  Spooner, Rogers, Mike, Rogers, Tom, McNeil, Gerbin, Ludewig, Brauer, Jimmy Z, Rake, Taffett, Curtis.

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