Senior OEC Clinic – Saturday Nov. 14th – Canceled

From Pete Adams:


Just a reminder to please share with your Patrols that we will be offering the Senior OEC clinics again this year

depending on the number that sign up. To date we have had a few patrollers express interest but none have formally

signed up for the Program.   Note we are canceling the Sat. Nov. 14th clinic  – please share this with your patrollers.


The Senior OEC Program schedule can be found at “”  & application ( attached ) and overview can be found

on the “” web page. Your patrollers may contact me via e-mail directly at and we can

help them get started.  It will require a sign off on the application by the Patrol Director to confirm their OEC skills and

that they are currently registered Patrollers in good standing.


This fun rewarding program will teach patrollers leadership skills, strengthen their OEC skills, and expose them to more

challenging OEC scenarios in real “on-hill” conditions. The program is designed to provide consistency, standardization,

and quality in a supportive environment to build confidence and leadership in all patrollers who complete the program.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, thank you for your support!





Note: Contact me if you would like a copy of the application-Bob Gerbin

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