Senior Program

Lab Patrollers-the Senior Program has started up. They can still take a few more people. If you are interested, there is an application that you need to fill o ut and I need to sign. Below is an email from the program coordinator , Pete Adams, about what they are working on and the schedule:


Just a short note to check in regarding Sr OEC this season. We have meet the last two Saturdays

At Song –from 8:30am – 3pm each day.  I have (3) candidates in the program & hopefully more

will come in January…. Our goal is to have 5 or 6 in the program from Central NY.


We Blew the rust off by starting with Scene Safety, BSI, Consent, followed by ABC’s MOI,

and Sample / Rapid body survey. Then moved right in to Shoulder, Clavical, elbow, arm, wrist.

Great emphasis put on pulse & respirations & capturing that info every 5 minutes.


We have successfully been working on Sample / Survey/ upper extremities / proper sling swath &

Packaging including blanket roll, Figure 8’s, and tricks with Sam Splints.  This past Saturday we moved

Into practicing a 2 minute sample / rapid body survey & making the Call to patrol. On top of that

We incorporated everything from last week’s upper body extremities & added multiple injuries

As well as (2) IP scenarios.  Each week we will start with an hour demonstration / decision … then move

Right into scenarios & build from the week before with increasing degree of difficulty. Our goal is to

Be ready at a level 6-8  difficulty, with multiple IP’s as the norm.


We won’t meet again till January and then go each week thereafter. Since we can’t really work outside

In the elements yet – my focus is to hone our skills in the first 5 minutes of the call & what the Patroller

Can achieve alone until help comes.  That includes most upper body, sling, swath & splinting, figure 8, and

Sam splints or even a shoulder blanket roll. In January once we can achieve our 2 minute goal, we’ll

Move into back boarding, pelvis, hip fracture, internal organs, and unusual things like burns, impaled

Objects, heart attack, stroke,  etc. to just keep them off balance but interested!


Sorry if this was to detailed, Hoping to fill some big shoes!  Also hoping to make this a fun hands on learning

Experience for each of them …. While building their confidence.




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