Senior Ski events

There will be a Senior S & T event tomorrow January 20 at Lab.  There will be 4 TE’s and 3 to 6 candidates.  Please help them in any way.  The morning will be spent developing skiing skills and the afternoon will include sled work.  The group will be in the Mini or will use our Patrol room if the Exercise class is going on upstairs.  Bill Perkins will arrive around 815.  His group will need lift Tickets and the office is aware of this.  Please help them in getting these from the office.


Also, There is a region wide Alpine Skier Enhancement Event next Saturday.  If you wish to attend, Please find the course on the NSP website and register.  This event is a great skill builder and Bill promises it to be one of the best events.  This is all skill building and no sled work.


Thanks for your help!

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