Welcome to the new Lab Ski Patrol Website!

Snow is flying, and Lab is opening this Friday (“White Friday”). “A” weekend Patrollers, you’re on!

The new Labrador Mountain Ski Patrol Website is now active. You are receiving this message, sent to the email address listed in the Patrol Roster, to welcome you to the site and to help familiarize you with some of its functions.

Some of the site is public, and some is private available only to registered users. If you are a patroller, you are already registered. You will need to log in using your NSP Member number as both the User ID and the Password. It is recommended that you change the password after you’ve logged in. Please click on one of the links under the “Member Info” heading at the top of any page on the site to visit a protected area, or follow the link in the email sent to you to update your profile. Once you have logged in to the site, there will be a button at the top right of the site to administer your profile, including password.

Going forward, all official emails form the Patrol will come via these website post notifications, so it is not suggested that you disable these notifications. If you would like to receive these notifications at a different email address, you may update that information using the profile section of the site.

New posts will be located on the “Member News” page, and can be searched via the Search function, listed under “Recent Posts,” and highlighted on the Calendar.

You’ll find that there is a “Sub Request” page on the site. If you need to find a sub for your shift, please use the form on this page.

There is also a page dedicated to documents relative to the Patrol, named “Downloads.” Here you’ll find downloadable copies of Schedules, Rosters, and Review Board information.