West Points Cadets 2/2 to 2/4 2018

The Cadets will arrive at Lab and stay in Kids Town on Friday Feb. 2 around 9:20 PM.  Friday Night Crew please be on the lookout and help them inside.  I will be in touch with the office and get a key to the building Friday. They will be departing on Sunday Feb. 4 around 10:30 to get back for the Superbowl festivities.

I have contacted the region to see if they can get us some help with instructors.  Bill and I will talk today to see if anyone is available for us.

Here is the Food situation.  Breakfast is provided by the Mountain on Saturday and Sunday in the Main Lodge.  Lunch (Sandwiches) on Saturday will be provided by Lab Ski Patrol. Dinner will be donated by the Dino brought down to the hill by Scott Launt.  Thanks Scott.  If you wish to donate anything please bring it to the hill this week.  Chips, snack bars, fruit, etc.  will be appreciated.


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