WhentoHelp Website

Hi everyone,
You should have received an email from whentohelp to sign in or register for the program.
Starting last season we used whentohelp to add shifts, trade shifts and change shifts. Most of you use a regular schedule and request subs on your own through the labskipatrol website (Sub Request Form). That is still ok to do.

Who is this for?
Especially for people who wish to trade shifts and those who need to add more shifts (like floaters) to get 40 hours in a season, which is the minimum requirement to retain your membership benefits next year.

Students who study away and only come home during breaks can now sign up for at least 10 hours during their breaks.

A whentohelp link will be added to our NSP website via this page.

A tutorial was created to help you use the application. TUTORIAL

!!! Be sure to contact your COH when you make ANY changes to your schedule to let them know who your sub is, if you are looking for a sub, or something else if going on in relation to your shift. !!!

Thank you!


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